Aquarium Light

I found myself in need of an aquarium light. Commercial lights were unsatisfactory or expensive, and I have the time, so I decided to make one myself. If anyone is interested in replicating this, here are the instructions:

Things I used:
What I did:
  1. Fasten a utility knife 5 mm high from the table with a clamp, and cut the pipes in half.
  2. Glue 5 of the ┗━┛-elements side by side with a small amount of  xylene or acetone.
  3. Cut ~1 mm strips of each side of the LED strips (they won't fit otherwise) and lay them inside the tube halves. Be careful not to sever the copper strips (you should see them from below) on either side.
  4. Make small dams in both ends of the 5 tubes (from blue tack, clay or whatever) and cast the LED strips in resin.
  5. Strip a few mm off of the wires, attach to the plug (+ red, – black). 
The original plan was not to use resin, but without it condensation and gravity will loosen the strips from the tubes. Having the wires just go straight to the plug is pretty ghetto (as is the whole assembly), one could solder them together and have a decent power cable.

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