The Mannequin

I've made a few geometric squickles on Shapeways, but this has been by far my most ambitious and time consuming project.

Here's some pictures and a short tutorial for anyone interested in the basic workflow I used in Blender.

Rendering the model in 'X-ray' gives an interesting result, showing some of the joint detail:

I won't say anything about the modelling, but here are the technicalities:

I used the 3D cursor as a center for spherifying scale (ctrl+shift+s) to make the ball joint sockets roughly round. Added a skin modifier with sane thickness and sharp (1.0, 1.0) inner and outer creases, and a subsurf.

I kept the 'source' model and the printable output separate, so about now I'd copy the whole thing and apply skin modifier.

At this point some of the skin overlaps, so I removed some edge loops (x -> "Edge Loops"), and then applied subsurf.


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