Having scribbled different types of rotational artificial gravity configurations and having started watching Voyager, an inspiration to model spacecraft hit me.

The first craft is basically your generic appliance esthetic modern Trek ship with wannabe realistic artificial gravity.

The very thorough Atomic Rockets site has a nice article about realistic parameters for spinning artificial gravity. Unfortunately the ~10 m radius of this craft would be nauseating at best, even with low G. The design is also dubious for not having any sensible configuration of the bola for acceleration/deceleration.

The type of propulsion is unspecified but is something very noisy, which justifies keeping it far away from the main structure.
 The second craft is inspired by retro plastic and classic cars. The cabling might be an overkill, but having some internal logic in an otherwise 'artistic' design appeals to me very much. The station would probably rotate in the direction of the windows and cabling, it would be much less nauseating to see the sky rise or fall in stead of rotating at ~2 rpm (yielding ½ g with 100 m radius).

The star maps in both images are courtesy of NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center Scientific Visualization Studio. Everything modelled and rendered in Blender.

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