A rechargeable lamp, built from 4 USB components. A lamp, a switch, a 2-cell power bank (with salvaged cells), a wall plug , 2 cables, 2 hairbands.  Pretty inconvenient, but I like the modularity and color scheme.

(Interesting how USB became the standard for delivering DC power. Good riddance, proprietary power plugs. I fear the day they implement DRM in USB power delivery, and you can't charge your phone without special Company X iElectricity® ($99.99).)

Nuggets of Finnish

"Buffalo buffalo buffalo Buffalo buffalo buffalo"? "James while John had had had had had had had had had had had a better effect on the teacher"? Finnish won't be left second on the noble fields of grammatical ambiguity and trickery. Here are a few examples with interlinear glosses for those who want to know what's going on. Obviously not for people who think that overanalyzing sucks the fun out of anything... Quite the contrary, right?!



A while ago I ordered a bunch of laser cut stuff from Ponoko (see previous post for one), among them 1:24 scale miniature furniture. I finally finished assembling the most complicated one, a mirror chiffonier. Here's a short writeup.