Having scribbled different types of rotational artificial gravity configurations and having started watching Voyager, an inspiration to model spacecraft hit me.


Comic Textures in Blender

I've played a bit with faking comic rasters/hatching and line art in Blender. There are numerous ways to implement this, and here's one.


Hyperbolic Crocheting

You've seen these. Very easy to make, try it! This thing is about 8 rows of single crochet (UK double crochet), with two stitches per loop, ie. doubling the stitches each row.



For the longest time I've had a pack of Sculpey (polymer clay) but no inspiration to actually do anything with it. The subject should be something simple, and simple and clean-cut not only in form, but as a character. I started doing Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga from Azumanga Daioh, but it got nowhere. Then came the ponies, and Fluttershy the ridiculously sweet pony emerged as a suitable subject.



  Marimos (毬藻, Aegagropila linnaei) are about as simple a plant you can have. They are a species of algae found in lakes in Iceland and Japan, among other places. You can buy them from pet shops as Moss Balls (beware of 'fakes', ie. balls of moss) and are content with occasional change of water.



Mosses are cool. Very low key, humble, yet infinitely varied and subtly colourful.


What to do when you're bored and on a shoestring budget? Get a shoestring, and experience countless hours of FUN and EXCITEMENT!


Aquarium Light

I found myself in need of an aquarium light. Commercial lights were unsatisfactory or expensive, and I have the time, so I decided to make one myself. If anyone is interested in replicating this, here are the instructions:


Constructed Scripts

I love the idea of constructed languages, but unfortunately I suck at grammar, so my creations have never gone beyond sketches. Only field of conlanging that comes naturally, are the scripts. Not even usable scripts, just scripts without any sound nor meaning assigned to them. Here are some samples.


Nuggets of Culture

I'm always haunted by the feeling that things are going on in the world that I know nothing of. Whole fields of experience that have brilliant people pouring their lives into them, and I'm missing them just because the knowledge of their existence hasn't hit me. Partly because of cultural barriers, partly because of narrow field of social interaction...

Anyway, here's a small, growing list of some possibly hidden nuggets for people with the same itch. The kind of things I would have wanted to be told about if I didn't know about them.

Tuna Cheese Sandwich

Here's something for cold winter days. About 5 minutes in preparation.


The Mannequin

I've made a few geometric squickles on Shapeways, but this has been by far my most ambitious and time consuming project.

Here's some pictures and a short tutorial for anyone interested in the basic workflow I used in Blender.

Dice & Diamond Lattice

Last year I sent a few projects to Ponoko to be laser cut from transparent acrylic. Here's some impressions on the process and the results.


Inspired by some other bloggers , to force myself to do something, and to remind myself that I've done something, here's a blog. I'll be writing short write-ups on my past, and possible future projects. This will not be the only post, but possibly 50% of all posts. We'll see.