Betascript Mathematical Notation

Betascript got a mathematical notation. I tried to shed off traditional math notation as well as I could from a lifetime of indoctrination. Things that specifically got to go were fractional notation, representing equations as, well, equations, zero, and all the shenanigans with logarithms. The latter was heavily inspired by the Triangle of Power, a very useful notation that helps (YMMV) unify exponentiation, taking roots, and logarithms. So here goes.


Delta-V Map of the Solar System

Delta-V, the capability of a spaceship to change its velocity, not distance between the destinations, is the convenient measure of travel cost in a solar system. This map is drawn based on deadfrog42's and Winchell Chung's data. I'm not an expert of space travel, so mistakes are expected and requested to be reported.

Read more about it and see other maps at Atomic Rockets .

↓ Map here ↓


Taprobana is Borneo

Ptolemy's mysterious island Taprobana is Borneo and it's quite obvious. But since the current consensus written in stone is that Taprobana was Sri Lanka, I'll spell it out with pictures.

(There is an in-depth essay on this by Dhani Irwanto (Taprobana is not Sri Lanka nor Sumatera, but Kalimantan) that I found after drawing these maps, making this quite redundant. But well.)


Accordion Book with Jacob's Ladder Binding

A simple proof of concept. I've seen other accordion books, but not any with a binding that keeps the covers together while opening both ways. (There are plenty that bind the whole book as Jacob's Ladder, ie. each page is separate.)


Heat Index in Celsius

Usually someone has created and put on the net everything you might possibly want, but there doesn't seem to be a formula for heat index in Celsius yet. So here it is:

-0.000003582 * RH² * T²
0.0022117 * RH * T²
-0.0123 * T²
0.0007254 * RH² * T
-0.14611 * RH * T
1.611 * T
-0.01643 * RH²
2.34 * RH

where RH is relative humidity in percents, and T is temperature in Celsius. Notice that the formula stops working below ~26 °C and ~40 %.

The above is slightly prettified from the original formula, but is accurate to 0.03 °C, which should be accurate enough, considering the formula is based on subjective impressions of heat.



Prez wants the codes,
because he can.
"Are you certain?"
"Yes I am."
Out comes gun – BANG!
— — —
"My job is done"
says the code case man.