Improve the World by Complaining

I've bought recently lots of cheap trinkets from mainly Chinese eBay sellers. In about 1-3 cases out of 10 there is something objectively wrong with the item or it doesn't fit the description, so I send a reclamation and typically get my money back.

"Well, what do you expect?" I expect to get what I pay for. What it says on the tin. "Why waste your time?" Firstly, I have time, and secondly, I enjoy it. The small act of calling bullshit and taking a few dollars worth of stuff from a seller who wants to spread the gospel of "bullshitting is fine, caveat emptor" makes the world a tiny bit better place. If I'm scammed, it's not only my right but my responsibility to all who might follow me to do something about it.

[edit: The rest of the post details the process of buying specifically a fake 64GB thumb drive. This is a waste of time: although the drives have 16GB of working memory, it stops working after a while. If you want to do it anyway to waste the time and money of the sellers, hats of to you of course.]

If you don't want to buy anything specific and still want to better the world by complaining, here's my tip: USB thumb drives . A small step by step guide:


Latin Declension and Pronouns

The meat of the chart is the topmost table with an overview of the different declensions and their genders. In English and Finnish. As with the conjugations, I've tried to make it clear and concise enough to be printed in BW on an A4 paper.


Latin Conjugation

I went recently to a Latin course, and made myself a concise reference of Latin conjugation. Doesn't include imperatives, infinitives, participles, or gerunds. Available in English, Latin, and Finnish. I've added highlighting on some of the points that might be easy to forget. Please report if you find any mistakes.