Betascript Mathematical Notation

Betascript got a mathematical notation. I tried to shed off traditional math notation as well as I could from a lifetime of indoctrination. Things that specifically got to go were fractional notation, representing equations as, well, equations, zero, and all the shenanigans with logarithms. The latter was heavily inspired by the Triangle of Power, a very useful notation that helps (YMMV) unify exponentiation, taking roots, and logarithms. So here goes.


Delta-V Map of the Solar System

Delta-V, the capability of a spaceship to change its velocity, not distance between the destinations, is the convenient measure of travel cost in a solar system. This map is drawn based on deadfrog42's and Winchell Chung's data. I'm not an expert of space travel, so mistakes are expected and requested to be reported.

Read more about it and see other maps at Atomic Rockets .

↓ Map here ↓