Constructed Scripts

I love the idea of constructed languages, but unfortunately I suck at grammar, so my creations have never gone beyond sketches. Only field of conlanging that comes naturally, are the scripts. Not even usable scripts, just scripts without any sound nor meaning assigned to them. Here are some samples.

The first script I created when I was about 15. It's pretty simple, but the trick is that consonants in the beginning and end of a syllable have different forms. I didn't know about smart fonts (and the technology wasn't really available to amateurs), so this was accomplished by assigning syllable-beginning letters to capitals, rest to lower case.

Click links to open .pdfs for further info.


These were made in recent times, after getting acquainted with Graphite, a system for adding intelligence to fonts. This allowed me to test various outlandishly complicated scripts. All of them are designed in Fontforge




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